Many homeowners are considering the need to purchase a service contract for heating and cooling equipment in their home. A residential heating and cooling system is a vital component of a home, ensuring that the interior climate remains comfortable regardless of the weather outside. Most HVAC manufacturers recommend that an HVAC system receives regular maintenance in the spring and fall months each year. This regular service can minimize the need for repairs and can help to extend the life of your system. However, the question of whether you would benefit from paying for a service contract remains. So should you purchase a service contract for your HVAC system? What a Service Contract Covers With a service contract for heating and cooling equipment in your home, you can benefit from having your HVAC company call you to schedule regular maintenance directly. Many people fail to get their system serviced because they simply forget about it as they lead their busy life. With a service contract, you don’t have to worry about remembering to call for maintenance. The cost of preventive maintenance twice a year is covered by a service plan and some repairs may be covered by your plan too. The Cost of Repairs A well-maintained residential heating and cooling system will require fewer repairs than one that is not maintained as recommended by the manufacturer. Even small repairs can cost several hundred dollars, and larger repairs can be very costly as well. All systems will require maintenance, but with a service contract for heating and cooling equipment, some repairs may be covered by the contract or repaired at a discounted rate. Should You Purchase a Service Contract? When debating about whether you should purchase a service contract or not, consider the cost of the regular maintenance against the cost of the contract. In many cases, the cost of a service contract may be worthwhile simply because it does include the cost of the maintenance services. However, there may be times when you may consider passing on the opportunity to purchase a service contract. For example, if your system is close to the end of its useful life and may need to be replaced in the next year or so, you may be waiting for it to limp to its final end before replacing it. Of course, after installing the replacement HVAC system, you will want to purchase a service plan to keep your new system in prime working condition. For more information on servicing and properly maintaining your HVAC system, contact Langton Heating & Air Conditioning ( in Hamilton today at (905) 312-9644.