One job that you may disregard or forget on a regular basis is cleaning the air ducts from the heating, air conditioning and ventilation system in your home. The physical duct cleaning process can possibly improve air quality. It is not unusual for homeowners to go year after year without concern to the dirt and dust that collects within the HVAC system. Air duct cleaning has many health benefits. The build-up of particles of dust and pollen and microbiological growth of mould and spores can cause serious problems. Ducts that are left unattended have the potential to cause health problems due to household moulds and allergens. The main process of cleaning your ducts by a professional will involve dislodging dirt and debris in the ducts. A powerful vacuum will then be used to suck out all dust particles, pollen as well as any mould and spores. All components within the home should be thoroughly cleaned to avoid any recontamination. Whether you decide to clean the ducts on your own or have a professional tackle the job, be sure the job is complete in order to ward off all household moulds and allergens. There is no specific rule on how often to clean the ducts although it would be wise to do so at least every couple of years. Some situations that may warrant cleaning of all your ducts in order to improve indoor air quality may be when you suspect moisture build-up due to a water problem. This problem may require removal of some of the mouldy ducts once the water condition is resolved. Duct cleaning may be required when you move into a new home or one that has just been renovated. Dust is excessive during remodelling projects. Cleaning is also warranted if the air conditioning or heat does not appear to have a good air flow throughout the home. Obviously, if you can see within the air ducts, you may be able to know exactly when cleaning the ducts are warranted. Consider all the benefits of getting the ducts cleaned and maintained regularly for the health and happiness of the family. A regular cleaning will kill germs and bacteria, minimize dust in the home, improve the efficiency of the heating and cooling systems and keep the home smelling clean and fresh with improved indoor air quality. Remember the importance and necessity of regular air duct maintenance. Contact Langton Heating & Air Conditioning ( in Hamilton today at (905) 312-9644 for any questions you may have regarding your residential, commercial or industrial heating and cooling system.