No matter how new your home is or how good of care you take of it, you will eventually need some sort of plumbing services for your home in Hamilton. This is because of a number of issues that occur with wear and tear over time.


The most notable reason why your home in Southwestern Ontario will need a plumber is temperature fluctuation from  -30 degrees and plus 30 degrees.


Deal with your drainage problems quickly to save money


Calling in a professional plumber when you have issues with your system can help keep you from throwing even more money down the drain. Wasting water can be an expense that adds up quickly over just a few weeks. Not only do you have to pay for the water but you will also have to pay for the damage it can do – this is the expense that could really hurt you!


What are 5 most common plumbing problems


The five most common problems that your plumbing system can have includes:


  • Leaking taps – a small problem with a high annoyance factor. Don’t think that tightening them up yourself is the solution – you could actually damage them further and make the situation worse.
  • Toilet running or not flushing properly – no one wants to have a toilet that doesn’t work right! Toilets that don’t flush properly can be blocked with foreign debris. If your plunger doesn’t do the job, call a pro. Running toilets are also annoying and waste a lot of water.
  • Blocked drains – Your sinks, shower and other drainage can be blocked up by debris, but they can also be stopped up by poor alignment, collapsed pipes or even tree roots. These are not DIY issues!
  • Hot water heater issues – if you’re having cold showers every morning, well, that isn’t good for anyone! You absolutely must not try to repair your own hot water heater – unless you happen to be a specialist with the proper license. If you notice rust colored water, low temperatures or moisture around the base, your hot water heater may be near the end of its life.
  • Repairing bad repairs – you read that right, one of the most common repair jobs for a professional plumber is repairing bad repairs. The most common cause of this is when someone tries to do one of the above on their own. When you try to go DIY but do not know what you’re doing, it could wind up costing you even more money – not only for the plumbing costs but for damage to the rest of your house as well. Be sure you’re hiring an accredited plumber so you don’t have to hire a plumber to fix the work of a different plumber.


Why hire a professional?


Homes in the Greater Hamilton area have enough to deal with every year as the temperature varies by as much as 60 degrees. Do not become another problem for your home, contact a professional and licensed plumber to make sure your pipes are all in proper working order.