langton-air-conditionerAir conditioning provides a comfortable and healthy environment for you and your family but have you ever wondered how it works? It’s not hard to learn and Langton Heating and Air Conditioning would like to explain it for you.

Langton Heating and Air Conditioning

For central air conditioning, indoor air is drawn in through a filter and passed over the indoor coils, typically located in the plenum of your forced air furnace. The coils are filled with super-cold refrigerant that is pumped in from the outside condenser (the box-like structure beside your house!). The difference between the air temperature and the coils causes the air’s moisture to condense on the metal. The water droplets drip into a drain pan and the water is then pumped to a drain or wash tub via the drain tube. The cooled air is pushed through the ducting system by the furnace blower unit.

The heat within the inside air moves into the refrigerant which is then sent to the condenser coils outside. A fan spins to cool the refrigerant the same way a car’s radiator fan works. The refrigerant then moves to the holding tank. The condenser pump motor works to move the refrigerant into and out of the home.

The ducting system in the house is often overlooked for maintenance and cleaning. Leaks in the metal allow moist air to escape and condense on building materials. This creates a problem that can require extensive repairs. Yearly cleaning and maintenance can save money by allowing clean air to be delivered to the home. It also reduces energy costs by ensuring all the conditioned air is sent through the ducts and not escaping along the way through leaks in the ducts.

Today’s air conditioning systems are more energy efficient due to technological advances in mechanical and electrical engineering. Eco-friendly refrigerants are healthier and transfer more heat from the inside air to the outside more efficiently and this saves energy as well.
Models that have a SEER rating of 14.5 or greater qualify for rebates which help offset the upfront costs. There are also rebates available from many manufacturers so shop around! With better building codes and more energy efficient materials being used in construction, less power is required for air conditioning which is also a money saver!

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