Is Duct Cleaning Important for Homes in Ancaster?


Your ducts are the windpipes of your home and you and your family are the lungs breathing in everything that they move around your house. The question isn’t whether or not duct cleaning is important for your Ancaster home, the question is how often it is needed and why is it so important.


As a note, it is difficult to generalize about every home in the area. Your home may be dirtier as it is closer to a farm which is being ploughed and releases lots of dust in the air. Another home may be dirty more consistently as there is air pollution due to heavy vehicular traffic.

When should you hire someone to clean your ducts?


If no one in your home is experiencing allergies or some sort of unexplained illness or symptom, the odds are good that your ducts are fine. You may notice dust and dirt collecting in your grates, this should be fine as that is what they are there to do. A household vacuum can solve this for you.


When you will need someone to come in to clean your air ducts is when:


  • People in your home are experiencing unusual symptoms
  • Repeated and unexplained illness occurs – mold could be the cause
  • The air in your home seems dirtier than normal – coughing is a sign of poor air quality
  • There are rodents or insects in them
  • Excessive amounts of dirt clog up your vents
  • If there is any sign of mold at all


Your family’s health is a huge factor in all of this. If you feel at any time that the quality of air in your home is detrimental to the quality of life you’re living, it is time to call in a professional for an assessment. Seeing a doctor doesn’t hurt either, of course!

Can you do it yourself, why hire a professional?


You may think that your air system is just a few metal pipes and a fan, but it is much more complicated than this. There are moving parts, government standards and even harmful materials, such as asbestos, to consider.


Your service provider is expected to know to do the following:


  • Where all access ports and doors are so that they can inspect the entire system.
  • Inspect the system before any cleaning begins to ensure that there is no asbestos insulation present in any of the heating or cooling systems.
  • Use only vacuum equipment that exhausts to the outside, or which uses HEPA equipment.
  • Protect all of your household furnishings during the entire cleaning process.
  • Both brush and use contact vacuum cleaning methods to get all dust and particles.
  • Use soft-bristled brushes on fiberglass ducts.
  • Follow all appropriate environmental procedures for your area, NAIMA is a good place to start.
  • Follow the advice of organizations such as


A professional will already be aware of all this and have the appropriate equipment. This is not a job for you to take on yourself, nor is it a job for someone with half the knowledge. A bad job could be even worse than doing nothing at all!


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