Our home is our castle, it gives us shelter, it provides heat, and it protects our family and our valuables. In return, we protect our home with insurance, but home insurance can be pricy in Hamilton. As insurance premiums rise, and in some cases, replacement coverage is reduced; we are left to wonder if there is anything we can do to combat the costs involved to protect our home.
Is there a way to lower your home insurance premiums? Yes, and a qualified heating and cooling contractor may be able to help. Did you know that products such as; smart thermostats, tankless water heaters and leak detection devices can lower insurance premiums? Well, they can. How about converting your oil furnace to natural gas, or converting that old wood fireplace to natural gas? That’s right, fuel conversions can also save on home insurance premiums.

As an added bonus, many of the solutions listed above can also help you save on energy costs.

  • Smart thermostats give you the ultimate control over your heating and cooling system by allowing you to control temperatures via WiFi. It is possible to monitor your system from work or even on your phone with a smart thermostat.
  • Tankless water heaters are not only more fuel efficient than a holding tank system, they eliminate the costs associated with “standby loss”. Standby loss occurs when a conventional, holding tank hot water heater warms the water inside the tank without hot water being called for. Tankless water heaters do not have a holding tank and only heat the water on demand; this feature can reduce fuel consumption.
  • The cost of oil heating can be 2-3 times more expensive than that of natural gas. The cost to convert to natural gas can be much less than expected, depending on your homes current set-up.

There are options to help reduce Home Insurance premiums and energy costs in Hamilton. If you would like to more about any of the cost saving products mentioned above, please feel free to contact us. Langton Mechanical has been serving the Greater Hamilton Area for over twenty years. We are not only a premier heating and cooling contractor in Hamilton, we are also your neighbours.