Langton Mechanical is a leading home comfort specialist offering central vacuum installations and free-in-home consultations throughout the greater Hamilton area.  We have 20 years of experience behind us and a renowned reputation that has been earned over two decades.


We are there for you every step of the way, guaranteeing your customer satisfaction as we take care of all your installations and assist you with our We Care Maintenance Plan option.

Purchasing one of our efficient central vacuum systems means that cleaning your house will be a whole lot more convenient and far simpler! All you need to do is plug in the hose wherever you are. Our trained technicians will install your unit in an existing home or even in a new house under construction, depending on your requirements. This system saves you time and effort as accessing your equipment is made straightforward.


Nobody enjoys house-hold chores like vacuuming. Moving the unit around, tangling up wires, tripping, struggling with knots… an endless uphill battle! Our installations instantly solve all of these daily annoyances and can also add significantly to your home’s resale value. We set it up, and you no longer need to fuss with lugging around a heavy and unwieldy machine. Dirt and debris is removed from your home via tubing located in the walls and sent to an out-of-the-way receptacle of your choosing. You merely carry around a lightweight hose and brush. The main unit is permanent and tucked away.


Langton is committed to providing high-quality products that make an excellent investment as well as streamline your lifestyle. We hope to exceed your expectations with our phenomenal, attentive service.


Contact us now to begin a long-term relationship with Hamilton’s leading home comfort specialists!