royal-botanical-gardens-imageThe Royal Botanical Gardens is a natural historical site that prides itself on bringing nature and people together. This well-tended area of plants is known as the largest botanical garden in Canada, and with community support, this garden is able to keep over 2400 Royal Botanical Gardensacres of nature sanctuaries restored. These sanctuaries also keep the homes of 50 at-risk species protected. Without help from donators, such as Langton Heating and Air Conditioning, these environmentally sensitive habitats could be destroyed.

Becoming a member of the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington is beneficial to everyone, regardless if you are five years old, or even over one-hundred years of age. The beginning gardener will enjoy membership just as much as a master gardener. Hikers, birdwatchers and nature lovers all agree that membership to the Royal Botanical Gardens in Ontario is like having a piece of paradise.

Members learn about recreation, history and science as soon as their membership is accepted. As a member, you receive discounts to the garden, public programming and day camps. Some events and exhibits are free to members as well. Members also receive free parking, and discounts for the annual plant sale. There are various types of memberships available to fit the needs and price range of every applicant.

The Royal Botanical Gardens uses the financial support from Langton Heating and Air Conditioning and others to educate school children about the importance of plants and nature. Royal Botanical Gardens also teaches the general public on the necessity of preserving nature, and how they can all become environmental stewards within the community. The education of plants and nature must be extended beyond displays and brochures, which is why the public is also educated on how to transfer the practices seen at the Royal Botanical Gardens into their own backyards.

Thanks to membership, donations, volunteers and support from the community, and businesses such as Langton Heating and Air Conditioning, the staff at Royal Botanical Gardens is able to research projects that focus on environmental sustainability. Networking with other nature preservers is plausible because of the tremendous community support and donations that are made annually.

Throughout the year, the Royal Botanical Gardens in Ontario hosts events and networking functions for the community, and those businesses interested in the preservation of the environment. These events celebrate the landscape and highlight the conservation activities at the Royal Botanical Gardens. Some of those highlights include: Fishway demonstrations, children’s winter exhibits and nature sanctuary guided tours.

Becoming a member or volunteer for the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington is beneficial to the community and nature itself. As a volunteer, you donate your time and research to help preserve plants and nature, as well as educate others on how to achieve environmental sustainability. Regardless if you are volunteering, donating or becoming a member, the Royal Botanical Gardens could use your help, and so could nature!