When does it break? Murphy’s Law dictates that home HVAC equipment will break when the weather is at its most adverse. The furnace breaks in the winter. The air conditioning unit will fail in the summer. Home heating and air conditioning is the largest energy expense for people who own a home. When does someone want to pay for repairs? The homeowner who plans for furnace maintenance gets to decide when the money goes out. If he waits for something to break, there is no choice – the bill comes due when the unit fails. A homeowner, his relative or knowledgeable neighbour, may easily miss details while trying to carry out air conditioning or furnace maintenance that can have enormous consequences. When you hire a professional HVAC company, the technician does a thorough preventative maintenance including lubricate parts and adjusting burner levels. He will inspect the entire system and may find the beginnings of a mechanical issue. A repair bill can be far less costly if a problem is found before its catastrophic failure damages other parts of the unit. A trained professional can find faults, for example, in the heat exchanger that could allow carbon monoxide to pass from the working parts of the furnace into the air path, with potentially fatal results. Avoiding mould is another critical part of keeping your family safe. Mould spores are very small, and if not filtered out, can cause any number of respiratory problems that you may not even know are being caused by the mould. Regular furnace filter replacement as a part of furnace and air conditioning maintenance keeps this problem at bay and filter replacement can be done by the homeowner. A professional HVAC technician will know what filter best suits each specific home’s conditions. Timely furnace filter replacement also decreases the amount of work the furnace has to do to pull the air through the filter and through whatever has built up on it! In addition to stressing the fan motor, a reduction in airflow over the compressor coils due to the blockage of dust and dirt clogging the filter results in less efficient exchange of heat. Keeping this system clean has a definite impact on its longevity. Using a professional, like the service professionals at Langton Heating & Air Conditioning, www.langtonmechanical.com, ensures that training and experience are fully leveraged to keep your system up and running. It also gives the homeowner peace of mind because the company’s reputation is critical to its existence. If something has been done incorrectly, the reputable company will guarantee its furnace maintenance, air conditioning maintenance and any repairs it has made with follow up service to ensure the satisfaction of its customers.