If you’re looking for a reliable HVAC contractor for your home’s plumbing, heating and cooling needs, it’s important for you to choose a qualified and trustworthy service provider. A poorly trained technician can do more harm than good in some cases by damaging pipes and ductwork or causing you to spend more time and money on further repairs. Finding a reliable contractor is difficult, however. Fortunately, the Better Business Bureau in Ontario (BBB) provides consumers with a neutral source for information on businesses in the area. Langton Mechanical and the Better Business Bureau allow consumers to breathe easy because, “Langton Mechanical Systems and Services Inc meets BBB accreditation standards , which include a commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any disputes,” according to the BBB.

better-business-bureauThe Better Business Bureau in Ontario seeks to establish and maintain high standards for honest business practices so that consumers and service providers can fully trust each other. To attain accreditation from the Better Business Bureau in Ontario, businesses must contractually agree to abide by the standards established by the BBB. You should also choose a contractor affiliated with the BBB because the organization offers complaint and dispute mediation services. According to the BBB, accredited businesses like Langton Mechanical are worthy of your trust as a consumer due to their integrity and performance. Companies display integrity by showing customers respect and employing good ethics; performance is measured based on how businesses perform services and address customer concerns.

Not every business is eligible for BBB accreditation. There are a number of criteria that must be met to fulfill BBB Code of Business Practices standards. First, companies must satisfy all licensing requirements for the area they service. Businesses must also not have adverse government action or judgments against them. Companies must also be honest in how they advertise and present their products and services. Finally, service providers like Langton Mechanical must adhere to all contracts they enter and commit to addressing any disputes emerging from these agreements.

Langton Mechanical and the Better Business Bureau are both committed to this level of excellence. Langton Mechanical has been providing quality plumbing and HVAC services in Hamilton and surrounding areas since 1994. Call them today at (905) 312-9644!