incentives-imageThe hot weather is right around the corner and it’s time to start thinking about the dog days of summer and if your old, tired air conditioner can handle the heat! You also want to know if you can handle the high energy bills your present cooling system is costing you to operate! If you have been searching for different ways that you can save money on your energy bills each month, you may consider the benefits associated with replacing your old air conditioning system. The fact is that up to 60 percent of the average residential energy bill is applied to climate control units and the older system in your home may needlessly be inflating your utility bill. With air conditioning incentives in Hamilton, now may be the ideal time to trade in your old AC unit and replace it with an energy efficient model.

Before you make your decision about whether to replace your home’s air conditioner with a new model, you should meet with your Hamilton air conditioning sales professional to learn more about the energy efficiency rating of the top Energy Star models. Models that have an Energy Star rating are designed to save you money through reduced energy consumption and they may promote a healthy environment as well. Depending on the type of unit that is currently installed in your home, the setting on your thermostat and how well your home is insulated, the savings that you can enjoy by upgrading can be significant. According to Energy Star, replacing a standard AC unit that is about 12 years old with an Energy Star model can reduce energy costs by up to 30 percent. Langton Heating and Air Conditioning, your licensed air conditioning contractor in Hamilton can provide you with more specific information that is customized for you.

The air conditioning incentives in Hamilton will vary from time to time. Right now, you may receive up to $650 in incentives through the Ontario Power Authority if you upgrade to a qualified air conditioning unit along with a high efficient furnace. When you meet with your air conditioning contractor in Hamilton, inquire about the specific models that qualify for additional incentives. These incentives can help you to save a considerable amount of money on the purchase and installation of your new system. Additionally, the incentives coupled with the regularly monthly savings that you will enjoy through improved energy efficiency, allow you to quickly recoup the cost of your investment and continue to enjoy ongoing savings for years to come with your new, energy efficient air conditioner.

Replacing your home’s out-dated air conditioning system may require an up-front investment but available incentives can help you to save money on this investment. Once the new AC unit is installed, you can immediately enjoy the savings that an Energy Star model can provide to you.

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