The simple answer is that it varies, depending on the company providing the service in Hamilton. You may be signing up for a simple cleaning, or your furnace may get the royal treatment with a full inspection and safety check.

Be clear about what you’re getting. Ask the contractor for a list of procedures and components they will be servicing. Don’t be afraid to ask questions; it’s the only way to make sure you are getting a full tune-up and inspection.  Some companies providing furnace cleaning services may only wipe down the exterior of the cabinet and some interior components, but they may not lubricate any parts, adjust the blower speed, or perform a complete inspection. A simple cleaning won’t do much to improve efficiency or extend the life of furnace components.  Only a complete tune-up will deliver these benefits, giving you confidence that your furnace will be operating at peak performance during the coldest winter days. Langton Mechanical has been providing Hamiltonians with full service furnace and air conditioning tune-ups for over 20 years.

Below is a list of procedures included in Langton Mechanical’s 26-point Precision Tune-up Service:

  1. -Check all safety controls and wire connections
  2. -Check/level/adjust thermostat
  3. -Clean/inspect burners and burner compartment
  4. -Visual inspection of heat exchanger
  5. -Check and clean thermocouple/flame sensor
  6. -Clean and check ignitor/spark electrode/pilot
  7. -Check filters/offer replacement
  8. -Remove and clean blower/test run capacitor performance
  9. -Adjust dampers for heating/cooling mode
  10. -Check and flush condensate drains/traps
  11. -Inspect venting system for leaks/slope/support/debris
  12. -Check for required service access
  13. -Check for adequate combustion air requirements
  14. -Lubricate all moving parts
  15. -Cycle furnace and monitor ignition and flame
  16. -Check and record manifold pressure/clock input
  17. -Check temperature rise and adjust blower speed as required
  18. -Perform CO test – circulating air/free air/vent – record readings
  19. -Test fuel line for leaks at appliance
  20. -Check presence of gas pipe pressure test tag
  21. -Check for manufacturer’s installation/operation manuals
  22. -Wipe down furnace/clean up around furnace
  23. -Compare utility costs and equipment life expectancy with homeowner
  24. -Offer replacement batteries for smoke detector
  25. -Check for CO alarm/blue flame certification (CSA 6.10-01)
  26. -Review and document results/recommendations with clients


Fall is upon us in Hamilton—book your complete furnace inspection and tune-up today. Call Langton Mechanical at 905-312-9644.