At Langton Mechanical we are ”Second to NONE!” for heating and air conditioning in Hamilton.

As such can promise our customers, our own professionally trained specialists will be there personally every step of the way.

We guarantee your customer satisfaction from start to finish including sales, installation and our We Care Maintenance Plans for all your HVAC equipment. Every equipment sale, installation and maintenance call is backed 100% by Langton ClimateCare. We are your personal comfort advisers and your neighbors.


Our Customer Service representatives at Langton ClimateCare will be happy to arrange a home visit with you free of charge. During your home visit our sales representative will assess the efficiency of  your  present equipment and determine how you can best invest your money to save money over time. Langton ClimateCare offers information on the latest energy efficient equipment, utility  provider’s and manufacturer’s rebates and incentives, financing, and our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.


New Equipment Installation

At Langton ClimateCare we arrange your new equipment installation at a time convenient to our customers.  We may request a 50% deposit at the time of booking, or we can offer financing options.  At the time of installation of your new heating or cooling equipment, we will remove your old equipment and perform a routine start-up check to ensure everything is operating to manufacture’s specification before we leave your home.


Langton ClimateCare carries a full line of products for your home comfort with easy payment options. Visa, MasterCard, debit and financing are available.
Visa Mastercard Debit pre-approved snap financial


Langton ClimateCare, in Hamilton offers a wide range of residential Furnace models and are confident you will be impressed by our ClimateCare Brand of equipment, perfect for saving you money and keeping you warm this winter. Our trained gas technicians will remove and replace your old Furnace with ease and at a time convenient to you.

Air Conditioning

Langton Mechanical in Hamilton offers a wide range of residential central air conditioning models and are confident you will be impressed by our ClimateCare Brand of equipment, perfect for saving you money and keeping you cool during the summer. Our trained refrigeration technicians will remove and replace your old A/C unit with ease and at a time convenient to you.

Ductless Split System – Air Conditioning

For homeowners with hot water, electrical baseboard or other sources of heating not using a Forced Air Duct System, the Ductless Split System is the Air Conditioning alternative for you.  These units are incredibly quiet and very efficient. With the Ductless Split System installed by Langton ClimateCare, you too can beat the summer heat.

Heat Pumps

Using a heat pump in your home can be more energy efficient and savings in operating costs than traditional furnaces. During the summer , a heat pump cools the air in your home similar to air conditioning system, and in the winter season, heat is absorbed from the outdoor air and released in to the indoor air. For a full explanation of this technology and potential savings, contact Langton ClimateCare today.

Gas Fireplaces

When you purchase your Fireplace from Langton ClimateCare, our trained and certified gas fireplace technicians will do the installation correctly, efficiently and at your convenience. No matter what Fireplace you choose, our trained technicians will inspect your home prior to installation to ensure your installation meets all gas and building code requirements. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Duct Cleaning

A typical Duct Cleaning removes layers of built-up dirt, dust, debris, mites, pollen and other contaminants  that accumulate over time in a typical duct system.  At  Langton Mechanical, Duct Cleaning involves the cleaning of all ducts in your home, installation of new furnace filter, and a maintenance/check of the furnace. To check and get rid of any mold or bacteria in your ducts, consider an upgrade to our disinfecting package.

Standy Generators

No need to fear power outages when you own a Honeywell Back-up Generator. Ice storms, downed power lines, black-outs…that’s when a Honeywell generator kicks into action and within seconds restores power to your home. Get comfort and peace of mind with a Honeywell back-up generator. Our line-up includes the 8 kW, 11 kW, 16kW, 20kW, and 22 kW units.

In-Floor Heating

Radiant in-floor heating provides a supplementary heating source as well as comfort to your home. Consisting of pre-spaced cables within a thin fiberglass mesh, the system is fully grounded and waterproof and installed beneath a variety of floor products. Hydronic systems pump heated water through tubing laid under the floor. For more detailed information on in floor heating contact Langton ClimateCare.

Central Vacuum Systems

Having a Central Vacuum System installed by Langton Mechnical means the cleaning of your home just got easier with convenient access to your equipment.  Just plug in the hose where ever you are. Our trained technicians will install your unit in an existing home or a new house under construction.

Indoor Air Quality Systems

Improve the air you breathe with a Humidifier, Air Cleaner or other Air Purification Systems from Langton ClimateCare, and notice the difference in your home. Reduce the build up of dirt, dust, debris, mites, pollen and other contaminants in you ducts and air by installing an Indoor Air Quality System. IAQ systems are a  great way to reduce sinus congestion, sneezing, asthma, eye and throat irritation, and other allergy related symptoms.  Avoid respiratory and sinus infections caused by airborne mold and bacteria, and, get rid of any unpleasant dust and odors.

Hot Water Heaters/Boilers

Our trained gas technicians are skilled and equipped with the knowledge to match and install your new Hot Water Heater (conventional power vented or tankless) or Boiler (or Hot Water/Boiler Combo) to the demands of your household. For more information on Tankless Hot Water and Boilers contact Langton ClimateCare today.

Plumbing Services

Langton Mechanical  has a team of professionally trained and licensed Plumbers, Pipefitters and Welders to meet all your trade related  needs. Our Plumbing services include sales, installation, repairs and maintenance programs.