So, you want to cool your home in Hamilton, but do not have a conventional forced air heating system. What do you do? Well, a ductless mini-split system could solve your dilemma. Although a ductless heat pump, the most common type of mini-split system, is a relatively newer alternative in the heating and cooling industry, it can be a very energy efficient way to cool a home. Ducts are generally seen to be a necessary part of a heating and cooling system. A ductless heat pump removes the need for ductwork, giving homeowners in the Greater Hamilton Area a viable option for cooling their home.

How does it work? A ductless split system consists of one outside condenser/compressor unit and can incorporate a single-zone or multi-zone system inside the home. The outside condenser unit is connected to the inside air-handling unit(s) by individual conduits containing refrigeration and suction tubing, electrical and drain line. Since the indoor units are directly connected to the outdoor unit, they eliminate the need for ductwork. The indoor air handlers consist of wall, ceiling or floor mounted units, which provides a wide range of installation options.

Most of these systems are air-source heat pumps. When in cooling mode, refrigerant from the outside compressor runs through the refrigerant tubing to the indoor units. Cool air is then blown across the indoor unit’s evaporative coil, and out into the room. Just like conventional ducted split systems, these units can be effective dehumidifiers.

Keep in mind, this system is a “zone” system, which basically means that it heats or cools only the areas where an indoor air-handler exists. Deciding which areas you desire cooling, will determine whether you need a single-zone or multi-zone system. Each air-handler comes with its own thermostat allowing the homeowner to adjust temperatures per “zone”. Reducing energy costs can be as easy as adjusting the thermostats of each individual indoor unit in accordance to how cool you desire each “zone” to be.

To summarize, just because you own a home without ductwork, it does not mean you have to be hot and uncomfortable all summer.

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