The modern world exists on electricity. You’re on your computer (or mobile device) right now reading this, so without expert electrical services for your home in Burlington, you would soon find yourself somewhere very dark… and who would read your Facebook Newsfeed then?


Kidding aside, you need to have a constant flow of electricity in your home to keep your fridge running cold, your hot water warm, your light bulbs on and your TV entertaining you. Read on to discover the most five common electrical problems.


Common electrical problems for homes in the GTA


It should be noted that just because you know what the problems are, you shouldn’t try to fix them yourself. Contact a professional electrician if you discover that you have any of these problems:


1. Bad wire junctions or terminations – this is when two or more wires meet. They are required to be joined by an approved wire connector and then enclosed in a junction box. This minimizes shock hazards for junctions and terminations alike.


2. Improper wire burial – you have to use the proper underground electrical cables when burying a cable – a rigid conduit is usually used. This prevents the ‘cutting through your electrical wires’ issue that some people have in spring when they’re getting ready to plant their garden.


3. Knob and Tube wiring being used – this was used in homes built before 1950. The conductors are separate, whereas modern ones are sheathed with insulation. These need to be closely evaluated by a
qualified electrician to make sure that they are not a hazard that can short out your home. Also, it can be difficult to get home insurance if knob and tube wiring is found – it may be best to just change it all out.


4. Missing Wire clamps and bushings – when a wire enters a metal junction box or metal appliance, it has to have wire clamps that protect it from abrasion and mechanical damage. There is a risk of shock once the wires come in contact with anything else and the clamp holds it in place so that it can’t touch the metal or junction box.


5. Improper extension cord use – we all use them but they are not meant to be a permanent solution. If you need them for a one time use here and there, great. If you’re using them as a long term solution, especially for outdoor uses, you’re in for trouble. Have a new plug point installed if you’re using an extension cord as a permanent solution.


Can you fix these problems on your own?


Everyone wants to save a little money. DIY projects are a great way to do this but risking your electrical systems to save a hundred or so bucks isn’t worth it. You can risk further damage to your home, blow transformers and get severely injured. Be sure to contact a professional electrician for electrical services when you have problems with any of your wiring, or just when your lights flicker and you don’t know why.