Energy savings is on everyone’s mind. If you are a homeowner interested in home energy savings, the first step you should consider taking is to install a programmable thermostat. For a relatively small upfront investment, the economic benefits can be realized as soon as the first utility bill arrives in the mail. A programmable thermostat, sometimes referred to as a setback thermostat, is a temperature control that replaces a traditional thermostat. It works by offering the homeowner the ability to manually program temperature settings for a set of variables that include days and times. Utilizing the unit’s internal electronic clock, you can automatically adjust the home’s temperature during times when you are at work, on vacation or at night. Weekday and weekend temperatures can be managed separately as well. Both heating and cooling systems can be controlled using such a device. Call Langton Heating & Air Conditioning or go to our website,, to arrange for our certified technician to install a programmable thermostat. Once the unit is connected to your home’s heating and/or cooling system the technician will instruct you on its use. Operation is simple but it does vary with the model you choose to have installed. The amount of home energy savings a homeowner can expect to see is significant. According to Statistics Canada,, a setback thermostat can result in a 13% reduction in gas used and a 2.3% reduction in electricity use. Over half of all homeowners in Canada currently have programmable thermostats. When one considers the realities of home heating and cooling, it only makes good sense to install a device like this. After all, you wouldn’t leave your lights on all day long while you’re at work or all night while you’re asleep. Why heat your home unnecessarily in the winter or cool your home in the summer when you’re at work or away? Just set the unit to a more appropriate temperature while you’re away and have it adjust automatically just before you are due to get home. By the time you arrive, your home will be a comfortable temperature and you will rest easy knowing not only are you saving money, but also helping to protect the environment.