In Hamilton, our cooling season is typically five months; May to September. A furnace AND air conditioner require yearly maintenance which should be performed by a qualified heating and cooling contractor. Yearly maintenance keeps parts properly lubricated, the unit running at its highest efficiency and creates the best situation for extending the life of the unit.

Beyond a qualified technicians expertise, there are some things that you can do in order to prepare you’re A/C for the upcoming season. Before you start the unit in the spring, make sure you have removed the cover from your outdoor condensing unit. We recommend in Hamilton just covering the top and not the whole unit. Set the outdoor disconnect back to the ‘ON’ position and check that the A/C breakers are also in the ‘ON’ position. It is important to let the unit sit for about 24 hours with power restored before trying to start the unit; this allows time for the warming element to heat the compressor’s internal lubricant.

The next step is to remove any yard debris or plant growth near your outdoor condensing unit. It is extremely important to keep the area around the outdoor condensor clear so that it receives proper air flow. Check the area around the unit during summer months for new growth and remove as necessary. It is also a good idea to check through the grass near the unit and remove any stones, debris or objects that the lawn mower could hurl toward the condensor.

If you have a humidifier bypass, make sure it is in the ‘CLOSE’ position. After the warming element has had the proper time to heat the compressor’s lubricant, turn on your air conditioner at your thermostat by selecting the “cool” mode. Allow the unit to run for about an hour before shutting it off to ensure that it is cooling properly. Go outside and check the outside condensor for any signs of icing. Report any problems to your technician when he arrives to perform the units’ yearly tune-up.

Langton Mechanical has been keeping residence in the Hamilton and surrounding area comfortable for over 20 years. We offer Maintenance plans as low as $9.99 per month that includes a yearly tune-up.