central-vacA central vac system is an ingenious set up that allows people to vacuum their homes without lugging around heavy, awkward equipment. A power unit, inlets, tubing, and vacuum hoses are the four main components of central vac systems. These components work together to give home owners a way to plug-in a lightweight hose at pre-determined inlets and vacuum all over the home without lifting a portable vacuum. The design of central vac systems also offers an improvement in air quality over portable vacuum cleaners. Installation of central vac systems is best left to professionals in many cases, and Langton Heating and Air Conditioning offer installation services for those residing in Hamilton, ON and surrounding areas.

Central Vac System Components

The powerful vacuum unit, which operates at 20 amps on average, is housed in an inconspicuous part of the home. The power unit may either suction dirt by using a cyclonic action or filter system. Cyclonic action systems use centrifugal force and gravity to isolate dirt particles which end up in a canister ready for disposal. Filtered systems simply provide high-powered suction coupled with a filter, and the dirt is deposited into a disposable bag. The inlets are the plug-in locations for the vacuum hoses or brushes which are placed strategically around the home. The number of inlets needed depends a great deal on home size and home owners’ personal preferences. Located behind the inlets and inside the home’s walls are the tubes that take the dirt back to the power unit location for disposal. The amount and layout of piping depend on the number of inlets desired and the home’s unique floor plan. The vacuum hoses or power brushes are what actually pick up the dirt. There are different styles from which to choose and most universally fit inlets. Langton Heating and Air Conditioning can offer advice to customers on the right central vac system in Hamilton.

The Convenience Factor

The convenience of a central vac system means not having to carry around clunky vacuum cleaner equipment from room to room. This system is especially handy for effectively and efficiently cleaning stairs within two-story home designs. The canisters or filter bags associated with central vac systems also do not have to be emptied as many times as a portable vacuum unit. The convenience of a central vac system extends to sound quality within the home. The system’s power unit is usually in an out-of-the-way area which usually insulates the home from excess noise.

Central Vac System Pricing

Central Vac System pricing varies based on the type of system as well as the size and floor plan of the home. Additionally, the timing of installation has a significant impact on pricing. The best time to install a central vac system is during the new construction process. Langton Heating and Air Conditioning offers professional, pre and post construction installation of central vac systems in Hamilton at competitive pricing. Call Langton Heating and Air Conditioning in Hamilton today at (905) 312-9644.