Most of us have experienced a power outage and the resulting hours or even days without electricity. Typically, the first hour or two are not too worrisome, but then thoughts of cold homes, spoiled food, and frozen pipes start running through our heads.

So, how can we avoid the unpleasant consequences of a power outage?

Luckily, there is something that can alleviate all of these concerns: a residential standby generator. A standby generator automatically supplies your home in Hamilton with electricity in the case of a power outage. The unit has two main components. The engine, which generates the electricity, is situated outdoors and the automatic transfer switch, located indoors, is connected to the home’s electrical box and generator. The transfer switch monitors power status. When an outage occurs it signals the generator to turn on, transferring power to your home from the generator. When power returns, it signals the generator to shut down and restores your home’s connection to the electrical grid.
Residential standby generators typically operate on natural gas or liquid propane, which means they can run for days without needing to be refueled. Once the system is installed by a qualified professional in Hamilton, like Langton Mechanical, your home will have a secondary power source in case of an outage resulting from inclement weather, grid overload, etc.
Standby generators perform an automatic maintenance and system check, which means they turn on automatically once a week, in order to charge their battery and do a system check so that they are ready for action when the need arises. Another plus to installing a standby generator is its generous life span. You can expect them to last 15 years or more, which certainly helps to justify the investment.

So, in short, there is one simple word to describe the function of a residential standby generator: insurance. Like most insurance, you hope you will never need it; but if and when you do, you will most likely wipe your brow and think, “Phew, sure am glad we did this!”

Langton Mechanical professionals would be happy to discuss standby generator options with you. Give us a call for more information or to book an in-home consultation.