The fear of your furnace not turning on during the winter months can be quite stressful.. Unfortunately, problems with the furnace not turning on are one of the more common problems. In this scenario with the furnace not functioning properly, we highly recommend that you consult with a HVAC specialists for your repairs and maintenance.

Beneath are just a few of the reasons why your furnace may not start.

  • The thermostat may have lost its programming and settings. This could happen if the thermostat loses power.
  • The pilot light is dirty which means that gas or propane cannot flow freely and results in the unit being unable to start.
  • The circuit breakers and other HVAC components might not be set to “on”.
  • The air filter is dirty and clogged which has caused the furnace to turn off and stay off to prevent overheating.
  • The ignition sensor could be malfunctioning. This can be complex to understand or repair and is best left to a professional HVAC contractor.

These are just a few of the potential reasons why your furnace isn’t turning on, If you aren’t sure what the problem is and have no prior HVAC repair and maintenance experience, it’s best to leave the repair to an HVAC contractor.

Langton Mechanical provides furnace repairs and maintenance services in the Hamilton area.

At Langton Mechanical we provide licenced technicians to handle installations, repairs and maintenance of all makes and models of furnaces and air conditioners. If you are looking for professional assistance with a repair or ongoing maintenance of your furnace, contact us by email or phone at Langton Mechanical today.